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Setting the Stage for Learning

Courtyard Koota is the coming together of families, individuals, and communities to share and exchange ideas. Created as a safe, welcoming, and nurturing space, where people from different walks of life find a platform to voice their thoughts.

The intent behind Courtyard Koota is to create meaningful engagement within the community through dialogue, discussion, and interaction. We want to explore and present alternative narratives that capture the rich diversity of our society, alongside opening up different perspectives, both of thought and action. We believe the best way to do so is by creating a holistic experience through visual and performing arts, craft, and literature.

We work to make our programs and content accessible to all while adhering to quality and a shared love of the arts and a belief in the power of the arts to foster creativity and change. Apart from having artists and professionals from different disciplines come and perform here we also create content that creatively brings different art forms together.

Programs @ Koota

Makkala Masti

Literacy, Arts, Theatre


Discover Something New


Curating immersive experiences about the world around us

Malhar Laugh Club

Curated By Koota


Courtyard Koota is led by a dedicated team  which is committed to the idea of building a  community through the arts. Each member of the team  bring their passion and  experience to the table and add their flavor to the idea. They are supported by an extended group that shares a common ethos.

Fun, Energetic and Imaginative are three words that would describe the team and the Koota Community.

Natasha Iype

Natasha Iype is one of the founders of Courtyard Koota. She is driven by the vision of building a community through the arts and is actively engaged in curating and implementing the program at Koota. She believes that the arts can change the world.
She is an architect by profession and in a past avatar has headed the design team at Good Earth.
She is driven by the passion to create spaces that guide meaningful engagement within families and between people sharing common interests. To build spaces that encourage one to engage with diverse media and forms across disciplines.

Sreedevi Ajayan

Sreedevi Ajayan nurtures a keen interest in the arts, especially theatre. She believes that art in all forms should be inclusive and accessible to everyone. Bringing the community together in a space that is open to free interaction and exposure to various aesthetic experiences have been her areas of focus.
A people person, she is the life of the party at Koota! From coordinating events and volunteers to painting murals, her infectious laughter brings its energy to all that happens here.
She wears many hats- an architect by profession, a stand up comic by passion and a snake rescue student by interest.

Arthi Sakthesswaran

Arthi Saktheeswaran is an educator and her enthusiasm to learn is what she brings to Courtyard Koota. Arthi has been working in the field of education for the past 28 years. Over this period, she has donned many roles. She believes that when one is working with children, one has to think out of the box to bring about change.
At Koota, she heads the Makkala Masti Program, which is the Courtyard Koota Trusts outreach program.
Her hands on and systematic approach lends a unique flavor, not just to her program but to the entire space.

Sandeep Nanu

As a versatile Brand and Communication consultant, Sandeep Nanu built four companies, spanning over 23 years, and is currently the founder of a consulting firm - writeclick.
Apart from his interesting journey in the business domain, Nanu leads an unusual life, engaging in a diverse array of hobbies and passions that highlight his multifaceted personality.
A passionate bird photographer, snake rescuer, and stand-up comedian, he combines his professional expertise with his creative pursuits.
At Courtyard Koota, Nanu is a part of the curating team. He also brings his tech-savviness to the space. Stand up Comedy at Koota is driven by him, apart from other programs that he conceives or participates in.

The Koota Community

Divya Raghunandan
Storyteller, Ideator, Music and Art Lover
Jeeth Iype
Dreamer, Idea Person, Photographer
K. C. Bhanumathy
Mentor, Feminist, Loves to party
Benson Isaac
Foodie, Dramebaaz, Educator
Anaswara Jose
Dabbler, Ponderer, Math Lover

The Courtyard Koota Trust

The  Courtyard Koota Trust is dedicated to building a harmonious community – nurturing creative expression and collaboration by being an inclusive platform to learn, educate,  share and exchange ideas.

It was registered in December 2020 and activities of the trust have begun since January 2021.

The Trust has been founded by Natasha Iype and Jeeth Iype who believe that learning is a lifelong process that is creative and collaborative, and the vision of the trust is guided by this belief. The trust is currently hosted in their space at Kengeri.


The Courtyard Koota Trust needs funds for its Outreach Program and Arts Program. It is eligible for 80G Benefits.

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