Malhar Laugh Club

Where giggles and guffaws take centre stage.

Welcome to MLC - Malhar Laugh Club

Malhar Laugh Club was an idea that came about when two guys were having chai at Malhar’s Adda. One was a seasoned performer who had done numerous open mics in Delhi and the other dreamed of doing a lot of shows (did none till then).

Multiple conversations over chai led to our first show on the 6th of Aug 2022. Needless to say, the success of that show made the team believe Malhar does have a sense of humor and that there should be more.

The club right now has two distinct offerings. A comedy night where popular comics are invited to perform at Courtyard Koota and an open mic for the residents to try their luck with comedy, music, and poetry.

Following are some of the successful shows so far

6th Aug 2022

Shunky Live at Koota

15th Oct 2022

Stand-up Comedy with Kjeld Sreshth

11th Mar 2023

Sonu Venugopal presents Punyakoti

8th June 2023

Sand & Brik

6th May 2023

Improve with Team ImproWISE

12th Aug 2023

Sand & Brik at Lahe Lahe

19th Aug 2023

Shamik Live at Koota

5th Oct 2023

Shashwat Maheshwari Comedy person

2nd Dec 2023

The Joke's on us. 4 Comics. 1 Topic.

10th Feb 2024

Cooking something funny by Kjeld Sreshth

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Open Mics for the local talent has been a hit too

12th Nov 2022

Host: Sandeep Nanu
Participants: 10
(3 Stand-up, 5 Music, 2 Poetry)
Closing act: Brikesh Singh

4th Feb 2023

Host: Sandeep Nanu
Participants: 15
(6 Stand-up, 7 Music, 2 Poetry)
Closing act: Brikesh Singh

9th Apr 2023

Host: Sandeep Nanu
Participants: 10
(4 Stand-up, 6 Music)
Closing act: Brikesh Singh

29th Oct 2023

Host: Brikesh Singh
Participants: 10
(5 Stand-up, 5 Music)
Closing act: Sandeep Nanu