Makkala Masti

Literacy. Arts. Theatre.

Our Outreach Program

The Courtyard Koota Trust is dedicated to nurturing creative expression and collaboration by being an inclusive platform to learn, educate, share, and exchange ideas.

Our intent has been to create more meaningful ways of engagement within the community through dialogue, discussion, and interaction.

We are located in Kengeri, at the Good Earth Malhar eco-village. The neighborhood has a few other suburban communities as well as the three villages of Kambipura, Anchepalya, and Doddabele.

The programming in our centre is targeted to reach and respond to all of these audiences – varying the content to connect with each group while also encouraging an exchange within and between groups.

Makkala Masti is the Outreach Program of the Trust. We are currently working in three Government schools and one private school communities.

Vision & Intent

At Makkala Masti, we believe in bringing literacy and arts education to children who do not have access to these programs.

  • To build a sense of wonder for the Arts.
  • To bring about a shift in attitudes and beliefs that restrict the potential due to caste, class, or gender norms in society through a life skills approach. To build confidence and agency.
  • To bring about a shift in the learning outcomes of children from these communities by using the arts to focus on literacy and numeracy.
  • To build a scientific temperament that builds critical thinking through hands-on experiments.
  • To foster enthusiasm and ability to self-learn.

“Learning through and about the Arts enriches our experience of life and can influence change.”

The Program

The Makkala Masti program has 4 components


We work in partnership with three government schools and one private school to conduct a literacy program. The targeted age group ages 8 to 14.

The program uses theatre, movement, and music as aids to build literacy and life skills. 

A  library is a part of every session and children have access to and are encouraged to borrow books. Pratham Books has been donating books to this program.

 Theatre Program

Here we work toward building communication, confidence and leadership skills.

Each batch of 15 children comes in once a week. We have two batches at a given time. The program is divided into three month slots, with a performance at the end of each slot.

This program has been operational since 2018.

Library Program

Courtyard Koota has a well-stocked  library, which is a node for storytelling, book reading, and other sessions.

The program will focus on building a collection specific to the needs of this group, which will be available at the center, as well as in the library we have set up at school.

A Reading program has been operational at Courtyard Koota since 2019.

Events at Koota

The Makkala Masti program is integrated into the broader programming that takes place at Courtyard Koota.

Performances, workshops, and exhibitions are planned with a component that will be suited to this group and children are encouraged to attend.

The Makkala Masti program is funded and supported by a large group of individuals and a few organisations.

For the year 2023-24, we are grateful to the Samagata Foundation, for funding the program.

The Courtyard Koota Trust

The Trust has been founded by Natasha Iype and Jeeth Iype who believe that learning is a lifelong process that is creative and collaborative, and the vision of the trust is guided by this belief. The trust was registered in December 2020 and is currently hosted in their space at Kengeri.

The Makkala Masti Program is managed by a small team and supported by a group of resourceful volunteers.

Program Head: Arthi Saktheeswaran
Teachers: Priya H.L., Ashwini
Theatre advisor: Anvitha Prakash
Library support:  Priyanka

Do contact us to know more details and if you are interested in supporting this initiative.