Sameer Rao : Bansuri
Adarsh Shenoy : Tabla


September 15th 2018.

A Blissful Evening with the Bansuri

About Sameer Rao

The passion and love for music has made Sameer Rao pursue playing the flute from the tender age of eleven.

He started to learn Hindustani classical music & playing the Bansuri under the tutelage of Pandit Veerabhadriah Hiremath at Mysore. In the year 2002, Sameer was chosen as a disciple by the world renowned flute wizard Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia. For Sameer, music is a way of life. He believes that music is for the mind, body and soul. Friendly, humorous, Sameer makes you feel at ease. His optimism and go-getter attitude is contagious. His passion drives him to constantly innovate professionally and personally and thus gain more out of life.

About Adarsh Shenoy

Adarsh started his training in Tabla at the tender age of 8 under Sri Nagaraj Rao Gaikwad, who built in him a strong foundation of the basics of the Delhi and Ajrada Gharanas. Adarsh’s keen sense of rhythm and dexterity has been appreciated by connoisseurs of music, apart from young and old audiences alike.