Malavika Menon


February,25th 2024


Seeking the inner chord of music

Mohiniyattam by Malavika Menon

A Mohiniyattam performance that explores the different shades of Bhakti and culminates in an experience of complete liberation through ecstatic devotion to a deity. Anāhata is that state of being, a place of silence and liberation. It will take you through some works of the Bhakti saint poets in the Indian subcontinent, and reveal some of the deeply layered emotions that these poets experienced in their madness for the divine. Each of these poets come from different regions, cultural backgrounds, caste, language systems etc.. but their path merges in the quest for the divine.

Selected poetry from the works of Sree Narayana Guru, Annamacharya, Mirabai, Jayadeva and Namdev have been adapted and will be presented in the style of Mohiniyattam.

Concept and Choreography – Malavika Menon

Musical Composition and vocals – Bhagyalakshmi Guruvayur

Artiste Bio

Malavika Menon is one of the notable practitioners of Mohiniyattam of her generation who has marked her space and identity in art through the medium of dance. In additionto being an active performer of Mohiniyattam on stage, she also conducts lecture- demonstrations on this particular dance-form for educational institutions, art and culture organizations and classical enthusiasts. She actively engages in creating new choreographies along with performances. She has also created a virtual space by the name of Sādhana, where she not only teaches Mohiniyattam, but also documents the history and growth of this artform.

Malavika is a recipient of the Senior Scholarship in Mohiniyattam awarded by the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, Ministry of Culture, New Delhi. She is also an empaneled artiste of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations and a Doordarshan graded artiste. She was also awarded the Young India Fellowship from Ashoka University, Delhi.