A Trayi Production
Concept, Creation & Choreography by

Anuradha Venkataraman

Radhika Ramanujan

Ramaa Venugopalan


April 27th 2024

Reflecting on “Apāra – The Unbound”: A Spectacular Production by Trayi 

In a mesmerizing display of artistry and expression, Trayi Production transported audiences into the realm of boundless creativity with their captivating performance, “Apāra – The Unbound”.


Conceived, created, and choreographed by the talented trio of Anuradha Venkataraman, Radhika Ramanujan, and Ramaa Venugopalan, this production was a celebration of freedom and exploration. Drawing inspiration from the elemental forces of the universe and the intricacies of human relationships, the performance took viewers on a journey of self-discovery and liberation.

Anuradha, Radhika, and Ramaa, each bringing their unique perspective and style to the stage, seamlessly merged their talents to create a harmonious blend of Bharatnatyam. With over two decades of experience as practitioners, teachers, and performers, their expertise shone through in every movement, captivating the audience with their grace and precision.


“Apāra – The Unbound” was more than just a dance performance; it was a testament to the power of Bharatnatyam as a medium of expression and transformation. Through their synchronized movements and evocative storytelling, the dancers transcended the boundaries of tradition and ventured into uncharted territory, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed their brilliance.

As the curtains fell on this remarkable production, the audience was left spellbound, reflecting on the beauty of the human spirit and the boundless possibilities of artistic expression. Trayi Production’s “Apāra – The Unbound” was truly a momentous event that will be remembered and cherished for years to come.