Ashwin Srinivas


24th May 2024.

Malhar Laugh Club recently brought one of Bangalore’s funniest comics, Ashwin Srinivas, to Koota for an unforgettable evening of stand-up comedy on 24th May 2024. The event was a resounding success, drawing in comedy enthusiasts from all over the city.

Ashwin Srinivas, whose hilarious takes on Open Relationships and Team Lunch have garnered millions of views on YouTube and Instagram, returned to his hometown to do what he does best: make people laugh. Known for his introverted personality and his witty reflections on life as an IT professional turned comedian, Ashwin delivered a performance that had the audience in stitches. His comedy, which serves as a counter-punch to a world that often misunderstands him, resonated deeply with the crowd, leaving them both amused and introspective.

The evening was masterfully hosted by the multi-talented Sandeep Nanu, a birder, rescuer, trickster, and comic, who kept the audience entertained with his unique charm and wit. Together, Ashwin and Sandeep created a night of laughter and joy that attendees will remember for a long time.

Friends and strangers alike gathered to enjoy a night of stand-up comedy that celebrated the quirks and realities of everyday life through Ashwin’s humorous lens. It was an event that showcased the vibrant comedy scene in Bangalore and highlighted the talent of one of its brightest stars.