Playwright:     Badal Sircar
Director:       Murtuza Khetty & Deepak Mote

December, 7th 2024

Beyond Hattamala

Bangalore Little Theatre

Beyond Hattamala is an English adaptation of a Bengali play Hattamalar Oparey by Badal Sircar. Two likable thieves, Kena and Becha jump into a river to escape being caught and wash up on the shores of a strange land – a land where there’s no money! Kena and Becha are excited at the opportunities this strange new land has to offer. What follows are humorous, sometimes thought-provoking exchanges as we follow their misadventures in this land beyond Hattamala…

Reasons to attend the show

– Written by Badal Sircar, one of the most translated & prominent Indian playwrights from Bengal.
– Imaginative, with plenty of laughs, dance & drama.
– Suitable & entertaining for a wide range of audience: 6 years to 60 and more.

Duration: 75mins

Language: English

Age limit: 6 years and above

Playwright:     Badal Sircar
Director:       Murtuza Khetty & Deepak Mote
About Bangalore Little Theatre (BLT)
BLT started as a performing group. And it continues to be known widely as a group that performs plays. Many plays. Good plays. Plays that the Bangalore public looks forward to watching. With over 200 plays performed in 50 years, the group has certainly been productive…and creative. BLT is admired for the quality of its productions, setting benchmarks for much other theatre in Bangalore.