Thejaswi Shivanand

Vishakha Chanchani


February 10th 2019.

The event explored this versatile vegetable through craft, science and stories. And of course relishing different brinjal preparations:

Brinjal Biography and Biology with Thejaswi Shivanand – origins of brinjal and its nutritional value, sharing a bit about the science of it, begins at 5.30 PM, followed by

Storytelling by Vishakha Chanchani

Open Mic – Share your stories of Brinjal hate or love with us

Brinjal Platter – We end the evening with a platter of different delicacies of Brinjal from different parts of India and the world. Enjoy brinjal curry and millet dosa by Rose Dean, Beguni by Shataparna Bannerjee and others