V Balakrishnan


November, 5th 2024

Theatre Nisha Presents:

Buy One Get One Free

The play has been performed over 25 times and premiered as part of the Aha! International Children’s Theatre Festival at Ranga Shankara in 2016. The following are the details of the play:

Adapted from Andher Nagari by Bhartendu and The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen, the play is about two sisters who leave their city unable to bear the despotic nature of their ruler and chance upon a city where everything sells for One Rupee – where if you buy one, you get one free. A series of incidents lead one of the sisters to fool the King of that land, by promising to make him clothes that only the worthy can see. How the sisters are taken in by the market forces and how they prevail, make up this comedy play.

Cast – 3

Crew – 1

Duration – 60 minutes | Language – English

Script, Design, and Direction – V Balakrishnan