Drumming is healing – physically as well as mentally.

Drumming can help develop spirituality.

Drumming builds confidence.

Drumming is a great way to relax!

The word ‘rhythm’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘to flow’.


A drum circle is:


  • A group of people seated in a circle, playing drums together
  • A great way to communicate
  • A way of creating music spontaneously by the group as a whole

A drumjam session is led by a facilitator who introduces the group to the drum circle experience.

The facilitator:


  • Encourages individual and group creativity
  • Helps participants discover the joys of group drumming



Group drumming as an activity has been proven to foster community spirit, brotherhood, understanding and acceptance. Drumjams are intrinsically community-building activities. Some of the social effects of a Drumjam are that it



  • Brings people together
  • Breaks down barriers of social communication
  • Fosters a feeling of camaraderie, brotherhood and acceptance
  • Is an activity that is open to people of any age,ability,impairment, language, religion, gender or economic status
  • Helps people de-stress
  • Allows people to explore musical potential and expression
  • Strengthens the sense of community
  • Energises and inspires people and is a lot of fun


As the world has progressed technologically, there have been many noticeable social changes in communities as a result. We have never been as connected as we are now, yet, at the same time, we have never been as isolated as individuals as we are now.

When was the last time you looked into the eyes of someone you don’t know and had a few moments of pure human connection, with no words?

When was the last time three or four generations in your family came out and shared an experience together?

When was the last time you smiled for over an hour?

All of this is experienced by the hundreds of people in Bangalore who are already a part of Bangalore’s very own Community Drumjam.


Come with the Whole Family!!




Courtyard Koota


October 13th 2019.