Derek Hook


January 19th 2019.

Stories have a way of breathing life into spaces and creating magical worlds within our imaginations, each unique. On ___ Derek Hook a master story teller, brought some of his magic and breathed it into the walls of Courtyrad Koota.

Derek first visite India in 1992 and has since then delighted many bright eyed children and adults with his stories and trusty drum.

Here is an excerpt about what it means to him to be a story teller from his website, Cracking Good Tales

“The first time I told a few stories I had an audience of some two hundred brighteyed children who listened with rapt attention to every crazy word I said. It was great fun for them and for me. “Great!” I thought, “This is what I can do.” But the next time the magic was not to be found! The audience was not impressed and I was not impressed. So to work: I had to learn how to bring a story to life. I learned new stories, I brought my drum over and weaved it in with everyday sounds until the stories started to unfold on their own!

So over the many years that I have been coming to India part of that time is given over to bringing stories to life. And the most important thing I have learned is that occasionally, in the telling and in the listening, there is real communication – not so much in what is being said but in the real joy that comes from listening together and sharing something, no matter how wildly fanciful.So I hope you like these stories that I have gathered from around the world. Maybe you too will use them, change them and weave your own contribution into them.”