Ganakalabhushana RK Padmanabha

Vid B Raghuram (violin)
Vid C Cheluvaraju (mridangam)
Vid SN Narayanamurthy (Ghatam)


August 19th 2018.

On World Ocean Day, which takes place annually on 8 June, Wild Malhar catalyzed collective action for a healthy ocean and a stable climate, working in collaboration with youth leaders and a wide range of organizations.

On this special day, Wild Malhar hosted a light-hearted and informative dialogue with two engaging speakers, exploring our love for the ocean and touching upon fascinating topics.

Speakers for this talk were Vydehi Kadur (a Malhar resident) and Joshua Barton.

Vydehi Kadur: Vydehi is an artist, scuba and free diver, and underwater photographer. Her passion for art and exploration, coupled with her eye for detail, has shaped her career as a Creative Designer. When she’s not at her desk or in her studio, she can be found exploring tidal pools, working with community animals, and immersing herself in books on anthropology, history, and marine ecology. With a passion for creativity, exploration, and conservation, Vydehi hopes to leave her mark on both the artistic and environmental landscapes.

Joshua Barton: Joshua is an avid photographer specializing in underwater imagery. After 15 years in project management, he finally yielded to his love of photography and founded TigerTiger Graphics—a company that brings together photography and project management. It offers a solution that not only provides incredible stock imagery and a revenue model for photographers but also delivers “last mile” services of site inspection, preparation, and highly professional printing and installation of large-scale imagery in commercial projects.

The dialogue was a resounding success, shedding light on the beauty and importance of our oceans and inspiring attendees to take action towards conservation and sustainability.