Good Earth Malhar Community


November 30th and December 1st 2018

Malhar Green Jam – Music, dance, exhibitions, workshops, awareness.

The Malhar Green Jam at Courtyard Koota attempted to explore these questions

Can individuals be attracted towards a space for performance which focuses on questions of the environment?

Can such a platform go beyond ‘environmental messages’ and make real change among the participants?

Can this event become a space to explore conversations on our lifestyles, choices and behaviours?

Can it be a place where young people come together not to become ‘future proof’ but to envision a future that promises a space for all…The poorest of humans to the most vulnerable creatures….and an earth that can support them all?

Put together by members of the Malhar community, the Green Jam brought together various demos and exhibitions on how each of us can bring about a change in our lifestyle that will impact the environment positively.

Music and dance by the children from Malhar was a lovely closing to the show.