Anvitha Prakash

Anup Simha

Anagha Kashyap

A M Prakash – Director


November, 26th 2024

As puppets are real and unreal at the same time they have a disarming, primal power to suggest something quite simple and profound. With a keen sense of humor, stands on current issues, and a flair for drama, we share our passion for puppetry as a vital, living art form and strive to engage audiences of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.


The show is about ‘Popo’ the thatha (grandfather) who lives a life of solitude but with a heart filled with enduring love. He turns his everyday tasks, no matter how mundane, into a joyful and colorful spectacle. His genuine love for life is infectious, and the audience can’t help but smile at his optimism. Yet, the core of the puppet show revolves around Popo’s unwavering desire to do
something special in memory of his beloved wife. ‘Popo’ is not just a puppet show; it’s a heartwarming tale of resilience, the power of love, and the
beauty in finding joy even in the face of loss. It leaves the audience inspired to cherish life’s simple pleasures and to honor the memory of those they hold close to their hearts.

Puppeteers –

a. Anvitha Prakash

b. Anup Simha

c. Anagha Kashyap

d. A M Prakash – Director

Anvitha Prakash is the founder of PuppeTree and is herself a puppet artist. Puppetry has now become a dying art and they want to bring back live puppetry to life. It is an attempt to rejuvenate this art form in an era of technology.