Sandeep Nanu
Brikesh Singh
Mani Subramanian
Sreedevi Ajayan


June 18th 2023.

Malhar Laugh Club (MLC) was launched in August last year. After 7 successful shows in 3 different formats (Stand-Up comedy, Open Mic and Impov), this show was brought to you from your very own Malhar residents. Supported ably by two local stars at our open mics.

Sandeep Nanu is our resident bird photographer and a recent ethical snake rescuer. A believer in a perfect work-life balance (questionable considering very few at Malhar have seen him working), he can be found on the badminton court or entertaining kids with his card tricks when he is not at work. Apart from one Open mic in the city, Nanu has only performed here at Koota and this was his first half an hour set. If you have seen him perform, you may have heard some of his favorite jokes. They were funny enough to be heard again. So he thinks.

Brikesh Singh is an environmentalist born and raised in Bombay, he started moonlighting as a comic in 2017 after he made the dreadful decision to shift to Delhi. After performing at various venues, he’s partnered with Nanu at MLC to bring comedy to Malhar. His 30 minutes was a collection of some of his best writing and you wouldn’t have wanted to miss this one.

Mani Subramanian is our quintessential Chennai man, who took all of us by surprise with his immaculate wit and stage presence in every Open Mic we’ve had at Koota so far. He opened for the Sand & Brik show and we can’t wait to see what he has in store next.

Sreedevi Ajayan took the audience to a complete laugh riot with her affable style of delivery. From her need to control things to her insecurities with how people message to how everything needs to be in the right place, she showed us that 4 minutes isn’t enough to tell her stories. Well, guess what? This time, there was no timer hanging above her head.

Age: 16+