Vidhya Gopal


December 4th, 2022

Shades of Love- Vidhya Gopal

“Shades of Love” is a curated evening of semi-classical music including the forms of thumri, kajri, chaiti, folk, ghazal. As the evening progresses, we’ll look at the different ways in which love has been described and expressed by the likes of Meera and Kabir, Faiz and Ghalib, in folk music and in ghazals, in Hindu and Sufi traditions. I hope to give you a glance into the fascinating perspectives that poets and musicians brought to the subject of “Love”
About the Artist:
Vidhya Gopal is an independent artiste looking to carve a unique path. She is trained primarily in Hindustani Classical music but holds a special love for poetry and ghazals. Vidhya has conceived two original music projects – The Betel Leaf (original love songs for real couples) and Chaturangana- which is the cross-roads of music, dance and architecture. She also conducts workshops titled “Journey of a Song” that encourages song-writing and original music making.