Ram Narayan


November 3rd, 2024

Ram has lived in the Himalayas for over 29 years, dedicated to community-based conservation, education, and strengthening rural livelihoods. After working in the Foundation for Ecological Security he co-founded Himal Prakriti and Himalayan Ark and helped initiate Sarmoli village’s acclaimed homestay and nature tourism program.

Wearing many hats; and frequently woolly caps,, Ram has traversed the entire Indian Western Himalayas, trekking high-altitude routes, traveling to Tibet to acquire yaks, and conducting wildlife research in rare and rarefied landscapes. He has also helped co-found a forest fair and a beloved nature and culture festival.

Ram works as an educator and researcher, focusing on ecology, the environment, and climate change. He collaborates with mountain communities to safeguard natural resources, bolster livelihoods, and access cleaner energy sources. He is also the founder
of India’s Nature, which promotes citizen science and education with a focus on supporting women and less privileged people.
A deep and abiding love of nature motivates Ram to explore the wild and rugged landscape of the Himalayas. In his talk, he will reflect on the tension between this love and the harsh realities facing this fragile ecosystem. He will also discuss how we all have a responsibility to ensure future generations can share in the joy of living in or exploring the Himalayas.