The Preloved Co.


July 9th, 2022

The Preloved Co @ Koota

We are having a sale of Gently used clothes at Courtyard Koota on the 9th July.
The funds raised will go towards supporting the Makkala Masti program ( Courtyard Koota’s outreach program, where we are working in 3 government schools on theatre and literacy education)

The Preloved co is a not for profit enterprise that keeps fast fashion items from reaching landfills and raises funds for various charities by selling new and gently worn fashionwear.

‘Shopping with a conscience’

-With ‘Fashion’ being one of the top polluting industries – clothes are the biggest polluters of landfills

-The true cost of clothes end up being far more than it usually ends up being sold for

-Tremendous amounts of resources are getting destroyed due to fast fashion & cheap clothing chains

Mariam Begg & Meghna Khanna feel that the need of the hour is to introduce ‘Fashion with a Conscience’.

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