A duo based out of Bangalore and Berlin, featuring Aman Mahajan on piano and Nishad Pandey on guitar, performing original repertoire with tinctures of jazz, Western and Indian classical music, and contemporary influences.

The Music

Heads and Tales is Tinctures’ first set of compositions, with each piece creating an environment in which various musical games are played, and concepts are explored. Musical interplay and narrative is given prominence and often drawn from sources beyond the realms of music.

The concert program consists of compositions including World 1–1, See You In Berlin, Patterns, Uncharted, and Serpentine, as well as a few completely improvised pieces. The compositions provide fresh contexts for familiar sounds and explore the nature of consonance and dissonance on the piano and guitar.




Aman Mahajan

Nishad Pandey


August 26th 2019.