June 15th  2019.


Are we drowning in Plastic?
Is plastic drowning in us?
The war is real and time is scarce. What are we doing about Climate Change? What are we doing to be more mindful of our own carbon footprint?
Come experience UNDER PRESSURE – A war between The People, The Planet and Plastic.
‘We see whales dying and turtles struggling, yet march on’: artiste Aruna Ganesh Ram

Artiste Aruna Ganesh Ram on her new work, Under Pressure, the effects of consumerism and its environmental consequence. – In the Indian Express

For 15 years, Aruna Ganesh Ram has been creating works of art that audiences can touch, taste, smell, see, and hear, from Re:play (2013-2014) in which audiences play traditional Indian games as part of the performance, to Stand on the Street (2018), about the compelling stories of street food vendors who rustle up mouthwatering delicacies while battling socio-economic challenges. At the Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa, she had premiered Memory Recipe (2016) in which olfactory impulses led audiences on a journey of food and memory. A work on gender, Coloured and Choosing, was featured in the Gender Bender Festival 2016.

Based in Bengaluru, Ram is now travelling to other cities with a piece, titled Under Pressure, which revolves around the present danger of climate change and the inevitable apocalypse. The intimate storytelling arches over an 8,000-year-old tree, extinct birds, a larger-than-life puppet, political speeches, embodied movement, heartfelt storytelling and shocking facts. It presents multiple perspectives — from policymakers to ragpickers.

Ram had started theatre as a hobby at school and began to enjoy it so much that she decided to do it all the time. A graduate in Communication and Design, specialising in photography and film, she honed her skills during her post-graduation in Advanced Theatre Practice from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London, before starting her performance art company, Visual Respiration.