Vasu Dixit Collective


May 21st, 2023

The Vasu Dixit Collective (VDC) is an ensemble of like-minded musicians and artists, whose collaboration blends musicianship, creativity and tradition. VDC seeks to inspire community and compassion through music made together. They play Folk-Rock fusion music, both in Kannada and Hindi; with special renditions of poems by great poets like Purandaradasa, Basavanna and Kabir.

It was with these songs that the sold-out audience was greeted with on the evening of May 21st. The lively rendition of “Ragi Tandira” had everybody on their feet clapping and singing along, while the soulful “Nadiyolage” was a fan-favourite. VDC brought a passion to the music that was irresistible to the crowd as they blazed through their greatest hits: “Agalla Anbeda”, “Tarakka Bindige” and “Mullu”, to name a few.

VDC’s collection is rich with contributions from many poets, lyricists and writers. giving the songs a refreshing interpretation and the depth that matches Vasu’s high-energy and soulful tunes. Their songs span a wide range of genres; some are slow and introspective, others are fast-paced and energetic, but one thing’s for sure: there’s bound to be something for everyone.