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fri19julAll Daythu25Bamboo Groove : Its Grass and more...(All Day)(GMT+05:30) Event Type Exhibition

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Bamboo Groove : It's grass and more...

Whether you’ve dozed off on a bamboo mat or savored its exotic flavors, bamboo subtly weaves its way into our lives. From construction to cuisine, it stands tall as a truly versatile plant - a material we can’t afford to overlook.
The BIG news of the month is that Courtyard Koota has a weekend full of Bamboo events! We are very excited to partner with various Bamboo experts to bring out the best for you.

Our curator for this theme is Dr Syam Vishwanath- who is about all things Bamboo. An expert with over 20 years in bamboo research, he is a presence in almost everything to do with Bamboo research and development in India.

We have also been supported in the programming by Benson Isaac- who is passionate about crafts and cultural traditions.  Presenting Food and Stories as an art form is his forte and he brings this to the program.

Our resource persons for the weekend are experts in the field - CS Sushanth, Rajiv Wind, Uravu, the team working on Kannadipaaya, Mei Mei Restaurant, Uravu and NID.


This exciting theme would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors Samagata Foundation- who have been with us in idea and spirit.

A big thanks to all.
Join us on 19th, 20th and 21st of July  as we explore bamboo’s potential as a sustainable material and delve into its historical and cultural significance. Let’s preserve its cultural heritage and explore its future possibilities together!

Find our schedule and links below for the weekend of 19,20 and 21 July.

    Bamboo Metamorphosis

Embark on a journey of creativity and sustainability! Join us from Friday 19th July at 5pm to Thursday 25th July for Bamboo Metamorphosis. Explore our bamboo-themed art installations showcasing captivating sculptures and interactive exhibits. Witness how artists and designers have transformed this humble grass into stunning works of art. Don't miss the presentation of bamboo structures and experiments on display!

Art Installation by Rajeev Wind.

There’s something zen about everything Rajeev Wind, 44, creates out of bamboo. The design is minimalistic and measured, the material never wasted, and the end product always useful. “We don’t want to create unwanted things or waste what nature has given us,” says Wind, who’s recognised in India as one of bamboo’s master craftsmen. Read more


Kannadipaaya is a unique bamboo mat from the Idukki district in Kerala which has received the GI tag. Read more

Artisans from Kerala will be demonstrating the craft and you can observe and try your hand at weaving simple patterns, while getting to know about their lives and stories. They will also have some products available for sale.

Uravu - Bamboo and Beyond Uravu - a crafts livelihoods initiative based in Wynad Kerala will have a display and sale of their products.

National Institute of Design

The Centre for Bamboo Initiatives will show their work through the display of products and research material.


Here are the links to all the events

1. Bamboo Unleashed: Exploring Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges

2. Bamboo Walk in Malhar.

3. Foraging Bamboo Shoots.

4. Bamboo Feast : Stories and Food

5. Play with Bamboo.

6. Bamboo Rhythms - Vayali




July 19, 2024 - July 25, 2024 (All Day)(GMT+05:30)