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sun29jan6:30 pmsun8:00 pmSongs of my Ancestors - Urban Folk Project6:30 pm - 8:00 pm(GMT+05:30) Event Type Music

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The Songs of my Ancestors - A set of songs that indicate significant occasions in life with Shilpa Mudbi Kothakota

‘The Songs of my Ancestors’ is a musical performance by Urban Folk Project, curated by Shilpa Mudbi. The team includes Shilpa, Adithya Kothakota and upto two accompanying artists. This set comprises of songs from north Karnataka, that are sung at important junctures in a person’s life, especially in the lives of women. Most of these songs were taught to Shilpa by her grandmother, Gundamma. Few songs have been collected on her travels around the region. The language and imagery of these songs are specific to the culture of north karnataka. Shilpa attempts to weave the landscape of a time that her grandmother lived in, through songs about birth and death, work and stress, the mundane and miracles, celebrations and togetherness. This set is a tribute to her grandmother who is now no more.

There are different kinds of folk music across this country specific to region, language, religion, caste, class and lifestyles (urban or rural, agrarian or pastoral or tribal). There are devotional, political, philisophical and domestic songs to name a few. These are often unjustly bunched up under one label called folk songs. Most of the songs in this set are domestic songs,that were/are sung exclusively by women, for women and with women, that have passed down orally through generations . Shilpa tries to be specific about what kind of folk songs are being shared in this performance, giving you a better understanding of where these songs come from. Even try and explain how & why they possibly came to be. Unlike classical music, the raaga, taala, metre, scale of these songs are the least important aspect here. It is the ability to build a sense of community that has passed from the very memory of Gundamma’s life and women with her and ones who came before her. Most of these songs have been sung at work and other occasions specific to the event, rather than to an audience. Urban folk project with this set reiterates that folk forms are not necessarily for a proscenium format (unlike classical forms), rather belongs amidst ‘folk’.

 # Song Occasion
  1. Durugamma Gai : An invocation to Durga
  2.  JoguLa : A lullaby
  3. Yenni hachalu bannire : An oiling ritual for a young girl
  4. Thoura Mani ThaaliKoti : A bride’s farewell
  5.  Bagila munda rangole : Reminiscing the mother
  6. Baiki Haadu : All about cravings
  7. Ranga Yathaka Barada:  A baby shower song
  8. Ibaara akka thangyara kudi : A work song: grinding grain
  9. Baare Nanna Rathana : A work song: pounding grain
  10. Bittita glaali : A song to voice ones worries
  11. Su Akkanare : A song about death
  12. Kabira : A bhajan
  13. Hoyyo rammaiyya : A festival song
  14. Neej neej re :A marathi lullaby

The idea with this set is to share songs and get the audience singing along simple verses. The team of performers will sing the songs that are listed above. Shilpa will provide some explanation in the beginning and end of each song. A screen will project the lyrics in English and/or Kannada, along with a brief translation. The artists will invite the audience to join them in singing the chorus or bridge of most songs. The lyrics that are to be sung by the audience will be highlighted on screen. In order to help the audience form a long lasting connection with the song, the material that will be projected on the screen will be uploaded to the Urban Folk Project website along with a recording of the song.



January 29, 2023 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm(GMT+05:30)

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