National Geographic Fellow & wildlife cameraman, Sandesh Kadur


5th June 2024

On this past World Environment Day, Wild Malhar was thrilled to screen a captivating movie about some of our wild cats. Produced by the BAFTA award-winning cameraman Sandesh Kadur and Felis Creations for National Geographic, and narrated by James Murray, ‘Wildcats of India’ is a 2-part series that travels across India’s diverse landscapes to capture the intriguing lives of wildcats on film.

The film, produced and directed by Sandesh Kadur, with additional cinematography by Robin Darius Conz and Gautam Pandey, was beautifully written by Priya Singh. Online editing was skillfully handled by Evolutions TV, and the sound was edited by Wounded Buffalo.

In the episode “Masters of Disguise,” India’s small cats are brought out of the shadow of their larger cousins. National Geographic Fellow and wildlife cameraman Sandesh Kadur embarks on a quest to unravel the mysteries of these lesser-known felines. His journey takes him deep into the realm of the rare clouded leopard, into one of India’s most densely populated regions in search of the elusive fishing cat, and to a family of jungle cats co-existing with a Bengal fox family. Through innovative technology and research, the episode uncovers the lives of India’s ‘Masters of Disguise’ in a spellbinding narrative.

We were delighted to have the cinematographer of this film, Robin Darius Conz, at Koota for a chat after the movie. Robin, a professional cameraman with over 10 years of experience and a keen eye for detail, strives to capture action at its climactic best. Specializing in a variety of styles, he has captured a plethora of subjects ranging from natural history to sports. Recently, he worked as a cameraperson and editor for the series ‘Wild Cats of India’ for National Geographic Wild. Robin’s extensive training in mountaineering, outdoor survival, and his credentials as a PADI Open Water Diver and emergency first responder, along with his role as an ambassador for Canon and F-Stop camera bags, made his insights particularly engaging and informative.