Ramaa Venugopalan


March 5th, 2023

“Anvaya – The Connection”
Bharatanatyam, Rangoli and Temple Architecture

Anvaya is a sharing of the personal journey of Ramaa Venugopalan in the practice and understanding of three artistic pathways -Bharatanatyam, Rangoli and Temple Architecture. This concert attempts to share the common tenets that form the foundation of these three forms of art.

Ramaa Venugopalan, through Anvaya, attempts to take the audience through her personal journey of observation and inference with these three art forms that she practices and studies.


About Ramaa

Ramaa Venugopalan is a practitioner and teacher of Bharatanatyam, with over two decades of experience in performing and imparting this ancient art form.

A firm believer in the traditional vocabulary and diktat of the dance form, she holds a Master’s Degree in Bharatanatyam and its allied subjects such as Indian Philosophy, Indian History and study of Temple Architecture. As a writer, her articles are widely published in art magazines and portals, where she shares her thoughts and ideas about the uncompromising versatility of the art form, it’s diktats and it’s trajectory in the current scenario.

Ramaa regularly conducts talks, demonstrations and concerts to a cross section of audience to engage and endear themselves to the dance form at close quarters. As the founder director of Lakshmi Kalaalayam, she has bee grooming students holistically in Bharatanatyam and all its aspects to help them pursue it with happiness and invested perseverance.


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