Sandeep Nanu
Brikesh Singh
Residents of Malhar


February 4th, 2023

Part Deux: Actual Meaning.

A superfacial, unnecessary, or overly bad sequel to a classic film. Usually, the second film in the series though not always. Adding the phrase to a movie title is similar to adding the electric boogaloo. Derived from the intentionally superfacial sequel, Hot Shots! Part Deux.

Part Deux: What we think.

A super, absolutely necessary, or overly good sequel to a classic act.

After an overwhelming start to our open mics in November last year, we bring you some of our local talents to showcase their…well, talent. Get set to be entertained by over a dozen Malharites in the form of music, stand-up comedy, and poetry recital.

Hosted by Sandeep Nanu (he thinks he is funny, hence the title) with a closing Stand-up act by Brikesh Singh (he is funny), we are excited to bring the second edition to Koota.