Sangeetha Maithel


October 16th. 2022

Festive Lights for All Time

Looking to add some brightness to your home this season? Decor available in the market is not to your liking ? Chinese lanterns and plastic kandeels and stars?

Festive Lights for All time, is an attempt to make us explore making decorations with our hands – a family effort. These handmade decorations can be the start of how you can adorn your home, through your expression.

Sangeeta Maithel has selected a few designs that she feels will be easy to learn and to personalise. We will make kits of paper, frames and other accessories to make the process fun.

Join us with the family to have some fun and test our crafting skills.

Sangeeta Maithel is an architect and an artist. She dabbles in various media from crochet and embroidery to dry leaf art. Her ability to break down a process into steps makes her an amazing teacher and its a pleasure to be guided by her.