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Muthu Kumar


October 22nd, 2022

Singing Drums

Indian Rhythm Concepts: A comprehensive rhythm workshop by Tabla Player/ Percussionist Muthu Kumar


Topics covered

1) Introduction to Indian rhythm

2) Padanth and Konnakol ( North and South traditions of spoken rhythm)

3) Understanding Rhythm Cycle

4) Some basic rhythmic phrasing

5) Understanding Jathi ( no. of micro beats in a pulse/clap)

6) Chatusra Jathi

7) Five- phrasing in Chatusra Jathi

8) Taal cycles in North Indian rhythm Quick look at different taals

 9) Quick look at the Tehai system

10)Composing music with the help of Indian Rhythm


1. What is the benefit of Indian Rhythm?

Indian rhythm is known the world over for its in-depth study and complex structures and
patterns. Musicians from all genres can benefit by getting their rhythm strengthened.

2. For whom is this workshop?

The Singingdrums workshop is for all levels of musicians who want an insight into and a grip
over Indian Rhythm.

3. Is it only for drummers and percussionists?

No. The workshop talks about rhythmic concepts, which are useful for all musicians. It also
has proven to lend interesting ideas to composers and song writers.

4. What level of musicians will this work for?

The workshop takes a look at Rhythm from the basics and takes the participant, step by step,
to a place of better appreciating and understanding the concepts.

5. How about music lovers who are not musicians?

Our belief is that Rhythm is natural to everything and every being in the universe. In fact
Anyone can benefit from this workshop as long as they come prepared with only one thing – a
fun attitude to explore

“bEAT hUNT” – Drum Circle with Muthu Kumar

A drum circle is:

A group of people seated in a circle, playing drums together
A great way to communicate
A way of creating music spontaneously by the group as a whole

Group drumming as an activity has been proven to foster community spirit, brotherhood, understanding and acceptance.

About Muthu Kumar

With over 20 years in the music industry, Muthu kumar has made a niche for himself as a tabla player/ percussionist par excellence. Having studied under legends Ustad Allarakha and Ustad Zakir hussain, Muthu has traveled around the globe many times and performed on many prestigious stages and festivals. He has accompanied the likes of Anup Jalota, Alice Coltrane, Maynard Ferguson, John Barnes, Bill Laswell, Dana Gillespie, Bombay Jayashree, Grammy winner Ricky Kej, and Lucky Ali to name a few.

He is the founder of Rhythm Shala – a school for Indian percussions. Muthu is one of the pioneers in the field of Online Tabla learning with more than 50 students around the globe. Muthu has collaborated with musicians around the world, across genres. He has recorded on numerous albums. He is the founder of popular Indo – Jazz band – Mystik Vibes.
Muthu’s drum circles “bEAT hUNT” are a much sought after stress buster act.