Dheeraj Banerjea guitar

Shreyash Vishwaroop tabla player

Aparupa Gupta trained in Hindustani Classical

Rishabh Chauhan  vocals


18th May 2024.

The recent event, “Ghazal wali diary” by Muqtalif, was a memorable celebration of timeless music and heartfelt emotions. Held in Bangalore, this enchanting evening showcased the incredible talents of Dheeraj Banerjea, Shreyash Vishwaroop, Aparupa Gupta, and Rishabh Chauhan.

Dheeraj’s mastery of the guitar, Shreyash’s dynamic tabla rhythms, Aparupa’s soulful ghazal renditions, and Rishabh’s deeply spiritual melodies came together to revive the magic of forgotten songs. Their performances resonated deeply with the audience, blending stories of today with the songs of yesterday, creating a poignant and nostalgic atmosphere.

Muqtalif’s dedication to bringing these old ghazals back to life was palpable, and the audience left with hearts full of joy and minds brimming with cherished memories. It was an evening that truly honored the beauty and depth of the ghazal genre, making it a standout event in Bangalore’s cultural calendar.