Directed By – Adarsh Raju |
Narrated By – MD Pallavi |
Produced by – Felis Creations.


April 6th 2024

Recap: Celebrating 10 Years of Kodagu as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

It was a night to remember as Kodagu, nestled in the heart of the Western Ghats, celebrated a decade of being recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Directed by Adarsh Raju and narrated by the enchanting MD Pallavi, the event was produced by Felis Creations, capturing the essence of this mesmerizing region.


The film, a collaborative effort between Felis Creations and the Karnataka Forest Department, transported audiences on a captivating journey through the rich biodiversity and natural beauty of Kodagu. From the sacred Kaveri River to the lush forests, every frame revealed the magic of this special place, where the rhythm of life flows with the rivers.


Following the screening, attendees were treated to an insightful talk by Gopakumar, shedding light on the Asian Small Clawed Otter, a secretive inhabitant of the Western Ghats streams. Gopakumar’s expertise and passion illuminated the challenges faced by these elusive creatures and the urgent need for conservation efforts to protect their habitat.


The discussion that ensued between Gopakumar and B.N.N. Murthy, a distinguished Indian Forest Service officer, added depth to the conversation, highlighting the importance of collaboration in preserving Kodagu’s natural heritage.


As the event concluded, attendees left inspired and empowered to do their part in safeguarding Kodagu and its precious ecosystems. It was a night of reflection, education, and celebration, reminding us all of the invaluable treasure that is Kodagu – a UNESCO World Heritage Site worth protecting for generations to come.