Narendra Sachar
Sanjeev Mehta
Maya Rao


July 8th 2023.

Presented by Bombay Theatre Group, Manto’s “JAAM-E-SHAHADAT” is a play based on the short story “Shaheed Saaz”.

Synopsis – After the partition of India, a small time corrupt businessman from Gujarat migrates to Pakistan with the hopes of making it big.

After reaching there, he is presented with an opportunity to get a house through allotment scheme of the Government of abandoned houses of Hindus and Sikhs who have migrated to India.

Within one year in Pakistan, he earns a lot of wealth and decides to do some charity work to ease his conscience.

Narendra Sachar and Sanjeev Mehta provided excellent performances, playing compelling characters in an introspective story. With minimum usage of props, they kept the audience engaged with their witty, yet heavy-hitting dialogue. Intertwining dual stories of Manto and the businessman, it was a thought-provoking night for the audience, to say the least.