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Anirudh Kanisetti


February 27th, 2022

Did you know…?

…the Deccan has a dramatic and world-changing past and was one of the largest medieval kingdoms in India?

…the architecture of most Temples in India has been influenced by a small village in North Karnataka?

…the recipe for Hollige originated in the “Manasollasa” Sanskrit text composed by the South Indian king Someshvara III of the Kalyani Chalukya dynasty?

 “History Is Who We Are And Why We Are The Way We Are.” — David McCullough

History is not just the past, History is the present.

We interpret history conventionally through archaeological and classical literary evidence. Most often these are understood from the perspective of the elites, other perspectives being underplayed – perhaps to propagate only what will appear as “a great past” and probably the resources and wherewithal required to document other perspectives must have been lacking.

These other stories linger on in folk traditions and in our cuisines, which are very much part of our present identity, passed on over generations, evolving and changing, yet retaining flavors of the past.

We immerse in the culture and stories of the Deccan with Anirudh Kanisetti and his book “Lords of the Deccan

Listen to music from folk and bhakti traditions with Sugandha Upasani and Group Songs with Divya, Sriram, Shobha, Shataparna, Benson, Anita, Abhishek.

Share food from across the region.

Anirudh Kanisetti’s book, “Lords of the Deccan” is unique in its telling the history of the Deccan from the 6th – 12th century CE in the way that it presents facts as they are known and interprets them in ways where we are made to think about the many other perspectives that may have existed. It stretches the imagination to think about what may have been, and some of which still may be.

Folk Music and Food is the history of the masses, which lives in the towns and villages of the Deccan even today. We connect some of the food that is a part of our lives that may have originated so many centuries ago.

Come enjoy the evening as we try to understand our history and connect with our shared past.


Anirudh Kanisetti in his own words

“I’m currently an Editor at the Museum of Art of Photography, Bangalore. My first book, Lords of the Deccan: Southern India from the Chalukyas to the Cholas, has just been published by Juggernaut to widespread critical acclaim.

My work covers a variety of areas, from history to networked societies and technology governance, and my writings have been published in MintThe PrintThe Deccan HeraldThe New Indian Express, and Pragati. I host two podcasts: Echoes of India and YUDDHA: The Indian Military History Podcast. 

I aim to make critical scholarship on ancient and medieval India accessible to the public, with an emphasis on culture and society. I tackle nationalist-political rewritings of the history of one-sixth of humanity by emphasising the complicated, relatable lives that our ancestors lived. My podcast has been featured in The HinduThe New Indian Express, and Midday Mumbai among others.”

Read more on his website