Vidhya Gopal
Alok Ranjan Srivastav
Shinjita Roy
Tamal Pandey


March 20th, 2022

इश्क़ में डूबे डूबे थे, दो आशिक़ बड़े अजूबे थे
एक को देखे जाए बस, दूजे के यह मंसूबे थे

इतने मौसम से थे बिछड़े, अब ज़ंजीरों से ऊबे थे
इश्क़ में डूबे डूबे थे, दो आशिक़ बड़े अजूबे थे

 Rubaru is the celebration of a reunion of two lovers – artists and audience – after a long poignant phase of separation. After the exasperating two years of our Covid-struck lives, this show brings back to stage the romance of live performance, in a unique interactive immersive format.

It is a love story, narrated through music, poetry and dance, weaving in snippets of the performers’ personal anecdotes, in dialogue with that of the audience. This show asks for an informal, interactive and intimate setting for a small audience who would be spending an evening with quality Indian performance and chit-chat!

About the artists:

Vidhya Gopal:
Vidhya Gopal is an independent artiste looking to carve a unique path. She is trained primarily in Hindustani Classical music but holds a special love for poetry and ghazals. Vidhya has conceived two original music projects – The Betel Leaf (original love songs for real couples) and Chaturangana– which is the cross-roads of music, dance and architecture. She also conducts workshops titled “Journey of a Song” that encourages song-writing and original music making.

Alok Ranjan Srivastav:
Alok is a lyricist and poet prominently collaborating with independent musicians in Mumbai. After working in an advertising company for almost 6 years, Alok decided to leave all behind and chase his decade old passion of songwriting and poetry. Some of his prominent projects are Azaad Sangeet S1 & S2 (2019 – 2021) and Kota Factory S2 (2021).

Shinjita Roy:
A site-specific choreographer, architect and Kathak dancer, Shinjita applies her knowledge of Indian classical dance and architecture to create performance that facilitates space-making and public engagement. She is currently pursuing an artistic research through a PhD project at VCA, University of Melbourne, which enquires into how site-specific performance can help re-activate a sense of ‘space’ at abandoned heritage sites. She uses tools of Kathak in contemporary contexts to create relevant paradigms for Indian classical dance.

Tamal Pandey:
Tamal is a singer and a multi-instrumentalist. He plays the guitar, keys and percussion instruments and has done more than 1500 live shows across India in the last eight years. His television debut was with NDTV for ‘Cleanathon 2018’ hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. He has also done a TV show with Aajtak, featuring 13 episodes with 13 top singers of the industry including Sonu Nigam, Shalmali Kholgade, Jubin Nautiyal and others. He always endeavours to evoke people’s emotions through his music.