Aswana Mathew-Srinivasaraghavan


April 5th, 2022

9 days of culinary journey through books, visual aids, quizzes, tongue twisters, treasure hunts, jokes and art.

15+ recipes
Kitchen Safety & Cutting skills
Eco-friendly and natural food colouring.
Heat on gas, oven and induction.
Table setting and etiquette

This apart we will broadly cover,
History of food: Recognising ingredients & their origins
Food Math: Counting, Sequencing, Fractions, Ratios etc.
Reading & Comprehension: Fathoming recipes & following instructions.
The science of cooking: Cause and effect.
The worship will culminate with,
Art of cooking: Compilation of a digitised cook book with the children’s handwritten recipes and illustrations.

The Workshop is being conducted by Aśwana Mathew-Srinivasaraghavan.

Aswana has conducted some very creative and intense workshops for children at Courtyard Koota. They have been received very well by the children and their families. Please message 9535494148 for further details.