July 23rd, 2022


APARYAAPTHA, one of the young and happening theatres active and music enthusiast
groups in Mysuru, we have enacted 20 shows to date and done around 6 Mehfil-e-Sufiyana,
organized 2 stage shows successfully within a year of its inception. We have enacted in
Bengaluru, Mysuru, Udupi, Madikeri, and 6 continuous shows of our beloved play ‘Ask Mr
YNK’ in Mysuru itself.

Listen to them here

The team has experimented with different genres which have been well received by the
audience. We are proud to say that we are a highly equipped and most advanced active
theatre group in Mysuru.

The “Sufi music”; is that wonder which has the unparallel power to induce happiness, to a
wave of tremors or tensions of our everyday agitations. It’s that source that is driving us
towards enlightenment and the trance of happiness.

Aparyaaptha group of ten singers and instrumentalists are going to perform Sufi songs in 11
languages (Kannada, Hindi, Urdu, Bhraj, Hindavi, Sindhi, Persian, Sanskrit, Farsi, Malva
and Arabic) accompanied by various percussion ensemble. Some of the highly acclaimed
works of Amir Khusrau, Jalaluddin Rumi, Saint Kabir Das, Shishunala Sharifa, Purandara
Dasa are going to be performed with the wrap of qawwali and Theatrical genre.

Having a great run as the pioneer of our satirical format inspired by the Works of Purandara
Dasa. The journey is accompanied by discovering and embracing our “Peer” in the ‘light’ of
the “Mehfil”.

List of performers.

1. Narration and lead harmonium- Uday Nusrat Sabri.

2. Lead singers- Vishnu Vasisht and Nishit A

3. Co singers–

a. Sunil Kumar Nayak

b. Lasya

c. Bharath Bhat

d. Gururaj Karnam.

e. Omkar Meghalapura.

4. Percussions- Subramanya Rao and Krishna Chaitanya

5. Production- Aniketh Shastry and Koushik Ghorpade