April 26th 2024

Flashback: Introducing Mics at Malhar Laugh Club (MM) 🌟

At Malhar Laugh Club, we’ve embarked on an exciting new journey with our revamped format, Mics at Malhar Laugh Club (MM), focusing exclusively on stand-up comedy. This shift marks a significant evolution from our previous open mic events, which featured a mix of music, poetry, and stand-up comedy.


As a venue known for fostering emerging talent, we’ve hosted four unforgettable open mic nights in the past, providing a platform for both amateurs and professionals to showcase their skills. These events, held at the Courtyard Koota, saw a diverse range of performers taking the stage for the first time, bravely stepping up to the microphone and captivating audiences with their raw talent and fresh perspectives.


Over the course of these open mics, Malhar Laugh Club has had the pleasure of discovering and nurturing three promising new comics who have since gone on to perform in venues across the city, making their mark on the stand-up comedy scene.


Now, with the launch of Mics at Malhar Laugh Club (MM), we’re taking our commitment to comedy to new heights. Hosted by the hilarious Sandeep Nanu, our inaugural MM event featured performers from outside Malhar for the first time, adding an exciting new dimension to the laughter-filled evenings at our club.

To all our audience members, we invite you to join us for an unforgettable night of comedy at Mics at Malhar Laugh Club. With fresh talent and uproarious performances guaranteed, be sure to get your tickets early and secure your spot for an evening of laughter and fun.


Thank you for being part of our journey as we continue to bring joy and laughter to audiences everywhere. Here’s to many more memorable nights ahead at Malhar Laugh Club!