Ganakalabhushana RK Padmanabha

Vid B Raghuram (violin)
Vid C Cheluvaraju (mridangam)
Vid SN Narayanamurthy (Ghatam)


August 19th 2018.

Relive the Magic: “What If?” Theatre Workshop for Kids

Our Theatre Collective hosted an unforgettable 6-day theatre workshop for children (ages 7-10), from April 15th to 20th. From 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm each day, young participants delved into the world of imagination and expression like never before.

Under the expert guidance of facilitators Abhitej Gupta & Sachin Ravindran, children embarked on a creative journey exploring the intriguing question “What if?” Through storytelling, sound & rhythm, and performance making, they brought their ideas to life in breathtaking theatrical pieces.

The workshop culminated in a heartwarming sharing session on the last day, where families and friends gathered to witness the brilliance of these young performers.

With only 12 slots available, this transformative experience was met with overwhelming enthusiasm and quickly booked out. Each child left the workshop inspired and empowered, with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

About Our Theatre Collective: Founded in 2009, Our Theatre Collective has been a beacon of creativity in the theatre community. From captivating productions to innovative education programs, we continue to leave a lasting impact on young minds. Our commitment to theatre for young audiences is evident in our acclaimed plays like “Just Think About It” and “Just Hiss,” as well as interactive initiatives like “Once Upon a Time.”

For those who missed out on this incredible workshop, stay tuned for future events and initiatives from Our Theatre Collective. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook @ourtheatre.collective and visit our website for updates and more.

Relive the magic of “What If?” – where imagination took center stage and every moment was a masterpiece in the making!