Various Artists


July 22nd 2023.

Not all sound and Fury – Monsoon songs, stories and food

Music, dance and tasty food were the heart of this lively evening on a drizzly Saturday. Guests were greeted at the entrance with a large monsoon-themed mural hanging over the front door, designed and painted by a group of volunteers who worked tirelessly on it.

The show encapsulated the monsoon experiences from different parts of India, and raised awareness about the disappearing variance in rice crops being grown.
The music performances had the audience singing along to the energetic voices of the four lead singers as well as the various instruments. Drums, guitars, and a violin created a lineup of classic rock to folk music. Capping it off was an interpretive dance performance by Veena Basavarajaiah which stole the show.

Chole tikki, ginger tea, chicken curry and roti and more were available for patrons before and after the show. In the cool monsoon weather, hot food brought together everyone under the Koota lights.