Sachin Ravindran

Our Theatre Collective


October 8th 2023.

Once Upon a Time is an initiative from Our Theatre Collective (Bengaluru), to bring theatre and performance to children. In this program, children will get to watch a performance created using handpicked stories.

The performance will be followed by an activity with the children to help them respond to the story in their own unique ways.

Devised and Performed by : Sachin Ravindran

Design and Direction by Abhitej Gupta & Vivek Vijayakumaran

Story : The World Renowned Nose by V M Basheer

Language : English

Duration : 90 Min (Performance + Activity)

The World Renowned Nose is a fantastical story of a person, whose nose starts growing in length when he hits a certain age. How Mr Nose and the world around him respond to this strange phenomenon is what forms the crux of this delightful story.

Written by the very popular and indomitable short story writer V M Basheer, who is also known for his unconventional style of language and down to earth writing.