Vinita Radhakrishnan


23rd June 2024

Rasa Yatra: An Abhinaya Odyssey – Vinita Radhakrishnan

Concept and Choreography: Acharya Smt. Indira Kadambi

Recently, the unique dance production “Rasa Yatra: An Abhinaya Odyssey” captivated audiences, celebrating the emotive aspect of Bharatanatyam and bringing to life universal human experiences that resonate across time and culture.

About the Production: The production featured beautiful and popular compositions, thoughtfully curated to provide a rich and immersive experience for the audience. These compositions highlighted the depth and diversity of emotions against the backdrop of cultural narratives. The artist presented timeless pieces with varied emotions, moods, and situations, inviting the audience to embark upon a Rasa Yatra, or emotional odyssey. This journey explored the depths of the human psyche and the beauty of the human spirit through the powerful medium of dance, celebrating the art form’s ability to connect us to our shared humanity. The performance transcended boundaries, creating a space for empathy, understanding, and reflection.

About the Artist: Vinita Radhakrishnan, a Bharatanatyam artist based in Bangalore, delivered an exquisite performance. She is a disciple of Acharya Smt. Indira Kadambi and Guru Smt. Minal Prabhu. With over six years of intensive training in Abhinaya under the expert guidance of Acharya Smt. Indira Kadambi, Vinita has honed her skills and deepened her understanding of this expressive dance form.

A biologist by training and a Patent Attorney by profession, Vinita serves as a Partner at BananaIP Counsels in Bangalore. Her commitment to expanding her artistic horizons is evident from her diploma in Movement Arts from the Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts. While this program primarily focused on contemporary dance, it also provided her with exposure to various other movement arts, including Kalari, Ballet, Chhau, Devarattam, and Koodiyattam. This diverse training has enriched her Bharatanatyam practice, adding depth and versatility to her performances.

The event was a remarkable success, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees, who were deeply moved by the evocative storytelling and the profound emotional journey portrayed through dance.