Ananth Menon Quartet


22nd June 2024

Standing at the Crossroads: A Tribute to Eric Clapton by The Ananth Menon Quartet

The Ananth Menon Quartet recently paid tribute to the legendary British blues and rock guitarist Eric Clapton. Clapton, known for his influential work with blues rock acts like the Yardbirds, Cream, Derek and The Dominoes, and Blind Faith, as well as his stellar solo career, was celebrated in this unforgettable performance.

The Ananth Menon Quartet covered material from Clapton’s extensive discography, with a special focus on his Grammy-winning MTV Unplugged album. The setlist included iconic tracks such as “Badge,” “Sunshine of Your Love,” “I Shot the Sheriff,” “Wonderful Tonight,” “Tears in Heaven,” and “Layla.”

The Ananth Menon Quartet, featuring Ananth Menon (Guitars, vocals), Vedanth Bharadwaj (Guitars, vocals), Kaushik Kumar (Bass, vocals), and Vivian Christopher Rajan (Drums), delivered a powerful and evocative tribute. Their performance captivated the audience, honoring Clapton’s legacy and bringing his timeless music to life.

The event was a resounding success, leaving attendees with a deep appreciation for Clapton’s enduring influence on the blues and rock genres.