Sage For The Ages
Kirtana Krishnan
Aman Mahajan
Dhani Muniz
Raul Mattia Proietti


March 24th, 2023

Sage for The Ages tells stories; of the past and of the future. We combine psychedelic styles and jazz influences to make music for a Dreamer Listener.

Second Nature is the first full length album offering by the band. These are songs that convey a new nostalgia or a novel familiarity to the listener. Six songs, including one written in Portuguese, form the core of the album. Tequis is a song about enchantments and spells, and of finding the divine in deep blue seas, and within our dreams. Words and Wings talks about a musician performing to an audience that simply isn’t interested in her song. Song For Neto is about love found and lost; Terra Chuva is a tune about the rain; If talks about the possibilities of love.

Finally, possibility is a wordless chorus of pure feel, arranged as a jazz tune.

The album was recorded over two days at Open Road Studios, Bangalore, and the material was debuted at The Courtyard to astounding success. They have also just completed a tour performing at eleven venues across the country.

About the Band

Kirtana Krishna is a vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, from Bangalore, India, who is now based out of Auroville near Pondicherry. She is a graduate of the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music. She began her journey in music nearly ten years ago, and in these years, has been a part of numerous ensembles, performing mainly in the jazz and bossa nova traditions. Sage for The Ages is her songwriting project. She previously released an EP titled Dual Nature under the SFTA banner, in the year 2020. She now looks forward to the release of the band’s full length album. As a vocalist she is inspired by Joni Mitchell, Mark Murphy and the works of Rare Silk. As a guitar player, she hails Eric Johnson and Pat Metheny as her idols.

Indian pianist-composer Aman Mahajan plays improvised music as a medium of expression, interaction and exploration, influenced by a diversity of traditional and contemporary forms of music from around the world. Mahajan is presently based in Bangalore, active with his solo piano work and collaborations including [Tinctures] with Berlin-based guitarist Nishad Pandey, a duo with vocalist [Radha Thomas], and cross cultural trio [Mystik Vibes] with percussionist Muthu Kumar and flautist Amith Nadig.

Dhani Muniz is an Indian-Brazilian guitarist, bassist, singer, composer and writer born in Albany, New York. Performing regularly since the
age of 13, he has delved into blues, R&B, folk, funk, pop, metal, jazz and electronic genres, albeit with a continuous focus on his favourite unifying musical aspect, improvisation. Having played with a wide variety of musicians, he is currently occupied with recording and releasing his own original material, together with publishing a novel, poetry and essays. He also currently freelances for Indian arts review The Chakkar, and is passionate about bluegrass, Sly Stone, and the work of William Burroughs, Woody Allen, and Thelonius Monk. He has also added the role of bassist to Sage for The Ages in his large milieu of talents.

Raul Mattia Proietti is an Auroville raised drummer who began drumming at the age of fifteen. At twenty, he is still one of the youngest drummers in and around the Auroville scene, with a real flair for versatility in both style and touch. He is influenced by Tony Williams, Dennis
Chambers, Al Foster, Dave Lombardo and Tony Allen. As part of the rhythm section, he backs a number of Aurovillian ensembles such as Emergence, The Trio, Dead Alive (a Grateful Dead tribute band), and Roadkill Pizza. Raul remains an ardent student of the drums and intends to complete his trinity certification soon.


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